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 The Visual Closer series is designed to facilitate the entry of accounting data into the Closer system.  This means is accomplished by providing the operator a GUI interface with point-and-click options rather than a forward only system.  By definition, a forward system indicates you must continue entering additional data, disregarding the incorrect data until an option to either save and recall the data in its current state and/or  re-sequence through all fields until the field containing the incorrect data is presented.   With over 25 years of development the MS-DOS version of the Closer system has kept this type of repetition to a minimum by breaking data entry into small segments allowing for cyclic redundancy until the data is complete and accurate.  The GUI version of the Closer system (Visual Closer) eliminates this entirely by allowing the operator immediate access to miscued data.   In addition to allowing immediate access to the various fields in a data record, the GUI version often presents the operator the entire data record rather than a segment of the record.  This allows the operator to see the 'big picture' instead of just a 'clip' and allows for proofing before saving the record.


Below are just a few samples of the Visual Closer GUI system.


Visual Closer Sample ScreensGeneral Ledger Transaction Entry






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