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Phase 1 of Closer for windows , referred to as Visual Closer, is nearly complete. As we currently stand, the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Maintenance and Utilities Modules have been completely adapted for Visual Closer.  Project Management and the Employee Payroll Modules are 85% complete. Final Completion  of the Remaining Modules is projected for the end of 2005.  Single users who have Version 5.10 or higher of the Niakwa Compiler and run in a Windows environment (ME or higher) may be eligible for Visual Closer at no cost1.  Please contact the support line for more information.



General Ledger

 Transaction Entry

 General Ledger Print

 Define Financial Statements

 Financial Statements

 Recurring Entries

 Month End Journal Entries

Accounts Payable

 Accounts Payable Vendors

 Accounts Payable Invoices

 Manual Cash Disbursement

 Pay Invoices by Vendor

 Direct Payment

 Vendor History

 Vendor Report Generator (Custom Reports)

 Accounts Payable Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable

 Contract Master Records

 Contract Provisional Rates

 Contract Labor Billing Rates

 ODC Billing / Reconciliation

 Contract Operations

 Contract Report Generator (Custom Reports)

Project Management





 Closer Field Labels

 Reset Access Tables

 Income Tax Tables


 File Installation

 Device Allocation Table

 Report Format Definition

 User Maintenance




1 In order to qualify for Visual Closer at no cost  you must be under a current Maintenance Agreement and install the upgrade yourself. 


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