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bulletComprehensive employee descriptions and history
bulletCalculation of pay using regular, shift time, and overtime rates
bulletUncompensated overtime (full labor hour) calculation
bulletRunning balance of vacation, sick, and compensatory time
bulletVacation accrual entry to General Ledger
bulletCalculation of salary variance
bulletCalculate standard deductions, e.g., taxes, 401(k), Section 125 plans, insurance, etc., and employee-specific deductions, e.g., salary and travel advances
bulletSupport of multiple states
bulletPrint paychecks
bulletDetermine tax on non-cash fringe benefits


 Click here for a detailed description of this module.

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bulletDirect Labor report by contract, by labor category, by employee
bulletIndirect Labor report by General Ledger account, by employee
bulletEmployee Payroll Detail report by employee
bullet941, State Unemployment, W-2's
bulletPaycheck register
bulletPayroll journal
bulletBillability report
bulletOther user-defined reports


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