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bulletUser-defined general ledger
bulletDetailed general ledger for month-to-date or year-to-date at any time
bulletAll transactions kept on-line for the entire fiscal year
bulletFinancial statements by division (99 possible)
bulletAccommodates up to 26 indirect cost centers/rates
bulletBudgets by accounting period
bulletFinancial statement comparison to budget
bulletUser-defined accounting periods in the fiscal year (up to 13)
bulletFinancial statement comparison to same period of prior year
bulletRecurring and reversing journal entries
bulletTransaction posting to open accounting period only
bulletAutomatic entry applying fringe to indirect labor
bulletAutomatic transfer of Bid &Proposal and Independent Research & Development costs to the General & Administrative pool.


  Click here for a detailed description of this module.

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bulletDetailed General Ledger
bulletDetailed and Summary General Ledger Aging
bulletTrial Balance
bulletUser-defined Balance Sheet
bulletUser-defined Income Statement by Division and Pool
bulletUser-defined Overhead Reports and Rate Calculations by Division and Pool
bulletUser-defined G&A Report and Rate Calculations by Department
bulletUser-defined Fringe Benefit Report and Rate Calculation
bulletNon-allocable expense report


Click here to download the sample reports.

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