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bulletComplete vendor history
bulletUnlimited expense distribution per invoice
bulletInvoice numbers automatically assigned as source reference
bulletHandles regular invoices and credit memos
bulletPayment terms code for vendor automatically assigns due and discount dates
bulletBusiness code (e.g., Minority-owned) by vendor for custom reports
bulletPrimary debit account for vendor to ease coding of invoices
bulletVerification of account and contract numbers during entry
bulletAutomatic creation of cash disbursements and printing of checks
bulletPayment of multiple invoices per check
bulletPayment by due date or specific vendor
bulletEnter and pay invoices in next period before current period is closed
bulletEnter manual checks to update invoices
bulletLaser checks available



 Click here for a detailed description of this module.




bulletAged Invoice Report
bulletAccounts Payable Reconciliation Report
bulletCash Requirements Report
bulletUser-defined Reports


Click here to download the sample reports.

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