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bulletHandles Cost, T&M, Fixed Price, Award Fee, Fee per Hour, and commercial contracts
bullet5-digit contract number, 3-digit task, 2-digit subtask, 2-digit division, 1-digit pool
bulletMultiple divisions per contract
bulletMultiple burden rates per contract
bulletLabor billing rate and title files by contract
bulletAutomatic revenue, overhead, G&A, and fringe benefit postings by contract
bulletComplete contract description and history files
bulletClose contracts/tasks/subtasks from accepting costs and maintain history on-line
bulletContinuation sheet for Public Vouchers and detailed billing support schedules
bulletActual vs. budget comparison
bulletBacklog calculation in hours and dollars
bulletUse provisional or actual rates

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bulletContract Status Reports
bulletPublic Voucher and detail supporting schedules
bulletAged Accounts Receivable
bulletContract Cost Ledger
bulletUser-defined reports

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